Bro. Tim Hicks

Gospel Light Baptist Church

Wednesday Night – 12/12/18

I Thessalonians 3:8-13

What does it really mean to live?

We often make some very crucial substitutions:

  1. Knowledge for Wisdom. We live in a day and age where scholarship is revered above all. Wisdom is not just knowing facts but seeing life how God sees it. Knowledge is good, but wisdom is essential.
  2.  Feelings for Facts. We don’t follow feelings, we are to live by faith. It is easy to follow the way we feel, but our feelings are constantly changing. Faith in God is our constant through uncertainty.
  3.  Temporal for Eternal. We cling to what won’t last and let go of those things that will last. Someone once told me “It’s all gonna burn anyway!” How true that is! And its funny how one of the most important things in my life at one time became a distant memory. Example of washing my brand new car ever other day, eventually became something i gave away.

How can we keep from making these devastating substitutions?

  1. Joyful in Gratitude (v.9). Is there someone in your life you can think of that just makes you smile? It’s easy to see how someone with a joyful countenance, would have a vicarious impact on those that his life touches. Who in your life today needs the ministry of your gratitude? Did you know that a grateful heart is a wonderful witnessing tool?
  2. Earnest in Prayer (v.10). Carry the burden for someone around you. Take it to the Lord and leave it there.
  3. Abounding in Love. We should have a desire for our love to grow.

– Listen. Make it a habit to listen to others.

– Overlook – Forgiveness. True love covers a multitude of sin.

– Value. Make them feel valuable. Encourage others.

– Express. Love denotes action

4. Established in Holiness. Plant your feet solely on the rock of God’s moral standards. “Your public influence to others, is a sure reflection of your private intimacy with God.”

What substitutions are you making in your life, that is stirring you away from God’s best? Remember these challenges that Paul gave the church at Thessalonica, and allow God to give you an eternal perspective.

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