Restlessness has many victims. It is astounding to think of how many men lay their head on the pillow at night, utterly restless. Whether it be from their jobs, finances, or families, everything seems too difficult to bear. There is no peace or solitude for the soul, just a relentless “mouse chase” of the mind that leads to nowhere. Nothing ever works or seems to satisfy. Life only seems to be empty, and the belly never full.

Why is the world around us so restless? What is the cause for this restlessness of the soul?

Look back at the Garden of Eden. This was a time where the whole world was at complete peace with God. Man’s fellowship with God was uninterrupted and untainted.  All of mind, body, and soul were at rest, just as God intended them to be. But then man made his choice. Adam ate of the forbidden tree and “wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world.”

The moment sin entered into the heart of man was the very moment that restlessness took its course. Peace was no longer in the picture because something was terribly wrong between man and God. Panic stricken, Adam and Eve tried to hide themselves from Almighty God and cover their nakedness.  Although the outer man could be covered, the inner man remained restless.

Isaiah 57:20-21 says, “But the wicked are like are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace saith my God to the wicked.”

My friend, that is the life without God—stuck in utter darkness and troubled day and night. Man on his own cannot create rest for himself. He cannot make all his circumstances good enough to quiet the restlessness in his soul. No way of planning his steps can merit such peace; only by the order of the Lord will he find what he is looking for.

Let me put it this way: “There is a hole in every man’s heart that only God can fill.”

Thus, the world has created for themselves a substitute for that void: a distraction from the “still small voice.” It is called recreation. Man believes that if he can keep himself distracted enough by sports, entertainment, hobbies, and vacations then he will silence the voice crying out in his soul.

The restless man thinks, If only I could get away or check out from my problems; then I’ll find rest. But what he does not know is that all of the turmoil comes from within; it goes wherever he goes. He cannot escape it. Without Christ, restlessness will never leave him.

Oh Christian! Who has God placed in your life that is restless and living without hope? Who do you know that is bound by sin and headed for destruction? You have the prescription living inside of you! Belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution to man’s restlessness!

I pray God will help you and me to see the restless people in this world and lead them to find rest unto their souls.

Like the troubled wave of the sea

That crashes day and night

The soul of man can find no rest

For darkness is his plight

But Christ does not just leave him there

In compassion comes His plea

That all the weary shall find rest

“Come unto Me”

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