Living through Dying

My late pastor, Bro Bobby Roberson used to always say, “What you say should not hurt me, because I’m supposed to be dead to self, and you can’t hurt something that’s dead.”

Freedom through Serving (Romans 6:18)

It is hard for me to understand that there was a day in which slaves lived in great subjection to their masters. Many masters, choosing the ways of dictatorship and cruelty. Listen in on how Sarah Ashley age 93, described her life in real slavery.

Gaining Through Losing (Phil. 3:7-8)

Don’t you just love to lose? No, really. Don’t you just love to exude all your energy into a DIY project and have it turn out to be an absolute waste of time? Or how about writing an exhaustive research paper only to have your computer shut down before you could hit Save? NOT. AT. ALL.

Receiving Through Giving (Acts 20:35)

Carefully, he stares at the man before him. With a look of disappointment and disdain, he studies this all too familiar subject. That face. I know I’ve seen it before. But where? I feel as though I’ve always known him, and yet there is a great distortion. There is something I cannot place, but I beg of God to know.

Exaltation Through Humility

A preacher once jokingly said that he was going to write a book and entitle it The Top 10 Most Humble Men in the World, and How I Trained the Other Nine. Later he said he would write a sequel How I Obtained Humility. I think that’s hilarious, don’t you? Unfortunately, this kind of false humility is very much a reality in the lives of Christian men everywhere

Strength Through Weakness (II Cor. 12:8-10)

It should be no surprise that the world around us is contrary in every aspect to the things of God. What God seeks to establish in the heart of man, the lost world opposes with the highest disdain and what the world esteems in the flesh, God sees as an abomination in light of His Spirit.

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