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Each week we dive into the Scriptures and discover the what it means to be a Biblical man.

Real and relevant truth in an honest way. We do NOT shy away from tough topics!

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Hello friend! My name is Tyler Robertson and I am the founder of Biblical Manhood.

Our mission is to challenge and encourage Christian men to be all they can be for the cause of Christ!

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It’s Time To Go Through Samaria

Someone recently said, “Loud truth with no compassion is quite a repulsive sound.” In John 4, Jesus had a compassionate gospel conversation with this woman who was seeking.

Time to Peek

Things are changing all around us, the darkness is visible. When I was a kid, and I felt scared or alone, I would shut my eyes to hide from the dark. I would close them tightly as if my closed eyes made the entire world disappear. The problem was, the darkness only enhanced my fears, … Continue reading Time to Peek

Isaac: Divine Delays

Psalms 31:15 reminds us, “My times are in thy hand:” Our calendar is not like God’s calendar. These Divine Delays are all a part of God’s plan to do a work that we cannot do on our own. But that’s easy to say and hard to live through. 


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