The Danger of Shipwreck

As I ran along the coast in a Florida community some time ago I saw one of the most vivid reminders of the dangers of life. The sun was shining bright and the skies were clear. People around me mingled in the park, walking their dogs and talking to one another. Expensive private boats floated along the pier. And there in the middle of all that beauty was the wreckage…

We Faint Not

As Christian men, we are called to be ministers for Christ. Regardless of our gifts from God, our talents, our abilities, or our occupation, we are called to advance the gospel and to edify Christ's church. We're all called to ministry, and ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ can be a discouraging endeavor for each of us, at times. It is in II Corinthians 4 that the Apostle Paul twice encourages us with these words: "We faint not" (4:1, 16). In making such statements he implies that faithful Christian ministry will often have its discouragements and times of defeat. Though we "faint not," we are frequently tempted to.

5 Points of Perseverance

Someone once said, “There is no such ‘instant maturity’ available in this earth. God does not offer a formula that produces fully mature Christians overnight. Christian growth comes through hard-core, gutsy perseverance of applying what you hear and obeying it.” There is nothing else that will do in this life except hanging in there through the power of the Lord! Think with me, if you will, about five (5) questions concerning perseverance.